Saturday 31 December 2011

new test post

In theory this is an improved method for posting text quickly form a mobile phone.
Ongoing with this test post is the question of placing images.

Saturday 3 December 2011

Ramsgate turn on

Work meant that I didn’t manage to be there for the switching on ceremony, but I did manage to get some pictures with my phone camera about an hour beforehand.

Thursday 1 December 2011

Canterbury art shop, café and the inevitable bookshops

I went shopping in Canterbury today, and continuing my battle with my new phone didn’t take my camera but used the phones one instead.

Here is the picture the right way up
As you see it really does Say Christopher Marlowe on it.
Carricio here you really do get a pot of tea with leaves and as the kitchen is just part of the room the café is in you can see the care with which everything is prepared.
 I may Ramble on here

I sat in the window and endeavoured to draw the view, the inevitable white ven parked in the way.
This drawing in public is a bit of a physiological thing, I would prefer to draw the people, but am building confidence, the main problem being that it all goes wrong unless you are totally relaxed.  

The artists materials shop in Canterbury is very good

 The main thing I wanted was empty watercolour half pans, I also bought a sponge and a propelling pencil.

I will expand on this a bit, the most economical way to buy watercolour and its sibling gouache, either pronounced, goo ash, or gwash, depending on the artist, is in tubes.
 You then squirt them into a thing like a children’s paintbox made for grownups, tiny paintboxes can be very expensive, a Georgian silver one can set you back over a grand. But one thing most have in common is they take either pans or half pans, which are little oblong pots that hold the paint.

 Another thing these paintboxes have in common is that they either come empty or the come with the wrong paints in them.

The easiest solution is to fill them up with empty pans or half pans, squirt you favourite paints into them and when they dry and solidify you have a paint box that is of some use.

So I now have one full of gouache as well as the one I have full of watercolour. 

the video, mercifully short, is an example is an example of; I fought the phone and the phone won.    

Christopher Marlowe Statue

I was quite surprised to discover what he looks like