Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I think therefore I’m confused

I thought with so many blogs going members only that perhaps I ought to separate some of my more outlandish posting to somewhere where I can turn it off if things get out of hand without depriving people of a local history resource, so here it is.

Ones bloging persona is inclined to take on a life of its own something akin to the characters in the book Sophie’s World,

In that world the characters discovered that they themselves were not real in the sense that they perceived reality, so some of them decided that were not accountable and therefore there was no longer any need for morality. In the cyber world, perhaps in the same way, one makes ones own reality or perhaps more accurately one makes oneself real. It could be argued that there ones cyberself’s realness is a function of ones own accountability, the yawing trap is to consider ones cyber reality to be a function of ones conventional reality. Or how does the cyberself act when it discovers that its cyber reality like Sophie’s is written by someone else i.e. ourselves. He typed therefore I am.

In Sophie’s word what was written in other books is of course just paper and ink so we can all breathe a sigh of relief, the internet however is very much a large living being.


Anonymous said...

21st century individual’s opinions knowledge experience can cause chaos. Greetings. Any dummies thrown out of the pram makes other bloggers angry too, hence the madness of crowds. We are all sheep. Sophie was real. So was Plato. But then again Schrödinger didn’t necessarily have a cat.

Michael Child said...

The ravings of a semi literate shop assistant

In this world of computing and therefore logic I have recently been sending a few people emails that were in a sense in a higher country of the mind. I am I should say sorry about the semi literacy to me punctuation is something that happens to other people. Now this logic thing in computer land is made yes from poisoned sand. However back to the logic the ancient Greeks have a lot to answer for. At some point a decision was made that in the choice between logic and good we were going for logic. You can think here of a man who shouted eureka however as we don’t most of us have gold crowns but many can think in a wine glass. I should for a moment like you to think of a man in a boat rowing around in a glass of wine. Now the boat has a large stone in it the man in the boat throws the stone over the side so the question is what happens to the he level of the wine in the glass does it go up down or stay the same/ logic yes you either worked it out and know why or you couldn’t . scientists are always asking questions about gravity and they like to involve logic rubber sheets in the case of the less continent but this is more a specific type of gravity where logic may suffice the ordinary type we don’t really know the answer to although I have my ides. Here is one suppose the universe is more expanding than we first supposed. You may have heard of g force. If not put your foot down and feel yourself being thrown against the seat. back to platos potato what the greeks did and later the Romans produce our European language and culture now if you equate our European minds to computers for a moment the language is like say windows consider for a moment that us Europeans are windows while say the japnese who missed Plato are running mac.

Anonymous said...

Umankind expand their own time/space to fulfil it. Stephen Hawkin said we don’t notice that it expands because we expand at the same rate, but what if one had the answer and lied. There are always of possibilities, but belief allows everyone to continue blogging along.

Michael Child said...

I forgot about the fing here you can post after a glass, anything mildly difficult will just be deleted. However Ant runner seems ok going on without putustuff here is just an experiment. Peace is allowed

Anonymous said...

Who are you?