Tuesday, 23 April 2019

The Complete Noddy Collection in the Bookshop

Noddy by Enid Blyton

Some of these are first editions and date from the 1950s. There are various ways to identify the first editions from the curvature of the spines, the front flap, the dustwrapper, the back flap, the publisher's names, the artist...

 Eelco Martinus ten Harmsen van der Beek famously illustrated the first few Noddy books...

 Noddy was carved from wood in a toy store but ran away with fear when his crreator began to carve a lion.

 "How DARE they? I'll smack them! I'll pull their noses! I'll tread on their toes! Well, maybe not but I'll report them to Mr. Plod!"- Noddy

 ...And these modern first editions (identified by having a complete number string) where Noddy returns to Toyland but without some of his friends for the sake of being politically correct and unoffensive.

 There will always be small people who seem to get into trouble quite a bit.

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