Thursday 30 October 2014

A couple of sketches and a few photos of Canterbury today, the booksellers dilemma expressed through vernacular architecture, Poundland comes to Canters opposite the “noisy affair”, smoke over Manston, reflections on the moved blog, a ramble.

As I have said before, drawing is not like riding a bicycle, leave it off for a few days and it gets significantly worse.

Having slunk outside the cathedral after being overwhelmed by the complexity of the shapes and confused by students with tape measures, I was once again confronted by the artistic problem that there really isn’t anywhere within the cathedral grounds where you can get a decent view of the cathedral to sketch it.

Mainly it is just too big and one is too close to it, close up it is a bit too complicated for my liking,, or at least for my skill.

So here is a not very good sketch of Canterbury Cathedral.

I went and skulked around in the cloisters for a bit and inevitably wound up in The Chapter House, before the dissolution a chapter of the Benedictine rule would have been read innit, hence the name.

There was a reasonably good art exhibition in there mostly work by teachers at wot wos the tec, difficult place to exhibit because of the architecture, or is it the craft? The ceiling really, I guess speaking as one who is oft metaphorically lost in life’s maze, standing under this one produces juxtaposition inductive of inverted vertigo. It's just too much to compete with.

Anyway the words are getting complicated and I am getting to the point when I don’t really know what I am saying.

Here is my attempt at a quick sketch of the thing called the ceiling.

And here is a photo of it.

I went an skulked outside what Newman ibid Pevsner describes as “a noisy affair with plenty of half-timbering 1897-9 by A.H. Campbell” this was probably some sort of soothsaying related to removing the “silence” signs in public libraries, we all call it The Beaney.

Over the road the building, ghastly in my mind is quite deservedly to become Poundland.      

I am still trying to sort out what I would loosely describe as the arts and crafts book section in my bookshop and am continually being faced by dilemma.

Here is an example, books about thatch, do they go in the craft section or the architecture section? I have, as U C put one in each and gawn orf for a fink.

Smoke over Manston today, black though and not white, so no decision.

On the blog front things are much easier with the one thread of comment on one post situation here, comment moderation is so much easier when all the new comment falls at the bottom of the thread.

I am taking a much tougher line on deleting comment that doesn’t conform to the comment guidelines published here, I would say I have deleted about a third of the comment submitted.

Most of which is what I would describe as non commercial spam, mostly from individuals who don’t have the confidence in what they say to publish it themselves online and hope to publish here either under a pseudonym or anonymously.

Frankly writing and moderating this blog is something like what one of the Canterbury buskers was doing today, playing the violin while balancing on one leg on a tightrope. 

I may ramble on here    


Anonymous said...

Not more fires at the MOD Fire station again?

Anonymous said...

A Manston election candidate - but they all are arne't they? In favour of a CPO?

God help us said...

Comment seen on FB today attributed to david Green "What we are doing is a soft market test under EU contract legislation as to whether such a partner exists. I have to tell you that at the moment none of the Councils prospective partners have fulfilled the Councils requirements for such a partner. We have decided that this process must end with the Cabinet meeting on the 13th Nov. TDC Officers recommendations will be in the Cabinet papers for that meeting. It is possible that any decision we make could be called into Scrutiny Committee, who could ask Cabinet to think again. We will ensure that this process happens as rapidly as Councils procedures allow."

Anonymous said...

Well let's get serious here about the Single-Issue prospective member of parliament.

Firstly, there is bound to to be some serious investigative journalism into her past and present life. I'm sure that she has no skeletons, past or present that could compromise her ability to sit in Parliament. Nor would her private life life in Broadstairs lead to anything being uncovered that would compromise her ability to reach out to potential supporters.

I also doubt that the fact that she feels that the residents of Ramsgate should have their lives destroyed by a Freight-Airport that nobody can catch a plane from matters either.

This woman sits in the Broadstairs tourist kiosk in season selling Thanet to tourists. Perhaps she just has a personal issue with Ramsgate?

Unleash the investigative journalists.

Unknown said...

Michael its very sad to see you so feed up with your blog, a lot of people read your ramblings and enjoy them. Its unfair to harass you just because you posted a link to a paper whether you agree with the councils stance or not. As for me seeing as it was not the councils negotiation it was just acting between the 2 interested party's (the lease holder and a buyer) then I can see their reason for wanting their leek plugged. I do hope that the interested party's don't sue

Unknown said...

Worth a watch, I wonder how many UKIP voters are just voting UKIP because they don't want to see the main party's back in? I would say though, I do look forward to the next election, just to see if Labour split the right vote. Will it be Tory or UKIP be in opposition?