Saturday 1 November 2014

An Excellent Meal at The Churchill Tavern in Ramsgate and a quick sketch

A busy day at work in my bookshop today, why the retail book business here in Ramsgate is improving is still a mystery to me, anyway by closing time I felt I had done enough for one day so we went for a meal at The Churchill Tavern.
So a pen and watercolour sketch of the inside of the pub, some of the colours are a bit strange as there isn’t really enough light to see what you are doing.
 The food there is consistently very good.
Anyway I would like you to meet the bookshops new book promotion manager Flat Eric, Flat is now running our advertising department and I handed him some of the more unusual books that I bought today.
 Flat says. Obviously metal is the wrong material to make railways out of and making thme out of trees would be better for the environment.
 Flat says. RiverOak and Discovery Parks have it all wrong and the future is airships.
 Flat has been looking at this one for some time and hasn't said anything
 Flat Says. I thoroughly support humane traps for small animals
Flat says. Eats shoots and leaves. Ed. note the subtitle should read, The Lass at "The Man and Scythe" 


God help us said...

will you be linking to other blogs on the side bar?

Michael Child said...

Yes I will Barry, just a soon as I get the time.

Anonymous said...

The link from Thanetonline isn't working

Michael Child said...

Thanks anon senior moment, allowing Flat to do the link that is, I have fixed it.

Anonymous said...

I see the Churchill Tavern accepts the TasteCard. if you dont have one Michael, 30 day free trial is available and most establishments accepting Tastecard either give 2 for 1 of 50% off Monday to Friday.

Anonymous said...

had a meal in Churchills on Saturday night too, have to say it was excellent. But I dread to think how many expletives Gordon Ramsay would use at the head chef when he saw the size of the menu, surely that cant be economically viable to have so much availability?

Not complaining though, have been there a few times and always been good food and decent portions too.