Tuesday, 23 June 2015

More books for the bookshop in Ramsgate

Another batch of secondhand books for the bookshop here in Ramsgate. Looking at the webstats for this blog I notice the readership is surprisingly international with a large amount of American readers. Here in the UK bookselling has undergone a radical change since around 1980 when our price fixing agreement - the net book agreement floundered - this was compounded by the coming of internet bookselling. This meant that I switched from selling new books at the fixed full price, to selling a mixture of new and secondhand (used) books that I could source in a way that meant I could sell them for much less than the chain bookshops and latterly the internet.

Our price structure is a bi of the wall, compared to most other bookshops, prices for individual books start at 5p i.e. 20 for a pound sterling and go up to books that cost hundreds of pounds. At the moment I guess the average paperback price is around £1.50 and the average hardback around £3.    

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