Monday 12 January 2015

Fiction authors beginning with A on the shelf today.

I would guess in terms of a reasonably good range of fiction at prices which compete with the internet we probably have the best range in southeast England. So as part of using this blog to promote my bookshop I will be photographing the books on the shelves and giving you some idea of the price for a walk in customer.

So starting with fiction authors whose names start with A, prices vary between 20p and £4 with most being between £1.50 and £2.50, at the time of pricing we will have looked them up on Amazon and made our prices less than the Amazon prices including postage.

So here are the photos of the general fiction books whose authors names begin with A on the shelf today they should expand when clicked on.

 here are the hardbacks

here are the collectable and first editions

 here the crime fiction

science fiction, horror and fantasy

 I aim to do the Bs soon 

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