Tuesday 16 December 2014

Where to build 12,000 homes in Thanet and man fights with plan

Like it or not people have to live somewhere and with the government directing councils that homes have to be built and spaces have to be made for them, a question a lot of people are asking is. Where?

Thanet District Council have produced various documents about this and I think at the moment the most relevant is the 250 page Draft Local Plan to 2031, if you live in Thanet you really ought to read this and may be asked questions later.

Suppose you don’t want to read it all, but want to skim it looking at what interests you the most, an IT tip here is – click on the link to it – press Ctrl and F at the same time, this should make a search box appear in the top right corner of the document. You knew that didn’t you? Anyway if say you are interested in the airport, then putting airport in the search box and using the up down arrows are an option.

While you have a bit a think about that one have a look at this map, clicking on it should make it bigger, the orangey brown areas are where a lot of the new homes are likely to be built.

When we get to the 5th of January the 6 weeks consultation period begins.

I will ramble on here if I get a chance, mostly about the council not really seeming to have a plan B for either the port or the airport.    

The map in this post is Crown copyright Ordnance Survey

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