Tuesday 2 December 2014

Manston Airport and the councils

There has been some Manston activity both from KCC and TDC, my guess would be that most of those interested will have already seen most of it anyway here we go.

There is yet another TDC meeting where Manston seems to be on the agenda although like last time it says “report to follow” here is the link http://democracy.thanet.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=151&MId=3925

My understanding is that the council are once again hoping to put an officer report to cabinet showing that the either have or have not got an indemnity partner for a cpo.

The council has also been active on FaceBook having posted twice on their FaceBook page in 2013, here is the link https://www.facebook.com/pages/Thanet-District-Council/83700846372

They have posted 6 times in the last fortnight and as nearly all the comment has been about Manston they have now done a Manston post https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10152429572516373&id=83700846372

Theoretically this covers the most frequently asked questions that TDC has to deal with about Manston http://thanet.gov.uk/the-thanet-magazine/campaigns/manston-airport/manston-airport-frequently-asked-questions/

KCC have today released details of 17th October 2014, Sir Roger Gale MP and two representatives of the Save Manston Campaign, see https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/meeting_minutes_171014#incoming-591206

KCC have also had a meeting part of which relates to Manston, this link should take you to the video footage http://www.kent.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/153561 you can get the video in the right place with the links on the right.       

Meanwhile the actual site owners are getting on with the investment and redevelopment of the site that should eventually provide thousands of local jobs, see http://www.thanetgazette.co.uk/Manston-airport-owners-distracted-CPO-talks/story-25020611-detail/story.html  

By way of explanation here this is not so much a post as me trying to collect some up to date information on Manston, which I may continue to do this evening. 


Still Even More Bemused Of Birchington said...

Michael,I believe I knew Phil Townsend mentioned above. I think he finished his working life at Racal on Pysons Road. Where does this extract come from?

Michael Child said...

SEMBOB just an extract from one of the 60s flying magazines which I had saved on file for the Air Ferry logo. I published it in the spirit of “report to follow” and the masses of confusing information on the various for and against Manston sites. Basically just more irrelevant information when what is needed is some clear direction, particularly from TDC.

Anonymous said...

Now on the TDC web site :
TDC Manston CPO report

Anonymous said...

Apologies a link that works :
TDC Manston CPO report

Anonymous said...

The Save Manston lot are up in arm and it is 100$ TDC's fault... of course it isn't the fault of the new company hidden away with no money and no comeback should anything go pear shaped, that has been give chance after change to provide information !!

Under the laws of CPO they stand no chance of achieving one with the way thinks currently stand and SMA are deluded if they think a complete council change would change this !!!

Anonymous said...

No responsible council could go ahead against the backdrop of a report like this.

Anonymous said...

That is it. The all along obvious is now official.

Now it is time to push TDC to be innovative with new housing at Manston. To be open to accepting payment from developer to fulfill off site social housing (so the Manston estate is more commercially viable and attracts people who will be an asset to Thanet.)

Time for positive thinking and embracing the future. And may I suggest it is time for the Save Manston stuck in the past, cloud cuckoo land, scaremongering attention seeking immature brats to be quiet ?

Anonymous said...

Unsurprisingly SMA are going for the jugular with calls for resignation, storming the building, votes of no confidence, more petitions...

Where are Riveroak? Why are they still hiding behind a new company? Why aren't they paying off existing bills to show they are serious? Why aren't they getting all these apparent potential freight companies to back up their plans? Where are the companies that want to have all their planes broken up there?

Anonymous said...

Yes 23.15. One string to the SMA bow. Bluster.

Game's up SMA. Squeakiest axle didn't get the grease. Stop squeaking ?

Anonymous said...

Nigel Farage has promised a CPO if he wins in Thanet. Meanwhile Will Scobie won't even mention the airport as he knows how unpopular he's become.

Anonymous said...

Rather worrying that the Save Manston lot get excited about a car with a numberplate slightly like the name of a certain Scottish woman, and then they allow comments like the below to stay posted:

"Track it I'll be there with explosives. B*tch needs to die"

Anonymous said...

Yes very sad the internet warriors.

Nigel Farage will lose votes for the position he has taken and been foolish as he cannot possibly deliver on a CPO.

I am surprised as he is usually such a canny operator.