Saturday 15 November 2014

A Tale of a Ramsgate Milkman

I am proof reading what will be my next local history publication, which is the biography of a Ramsgate milkman from about 1920 to about 1960

I think this image of the beginning of chapter 2 should expand enough if you click on it and then click on it when it has expanded the first time, to make something large enough to read.

Although I hope to have finished book ready around next weekend, priced at £6.99 I have run off a few extra uncorrected proof copies for anyone who can’t wait.

Flat Eric likes the title, but I am not so sure.

Anyway 103 pages of small type, so no time for further blogging from me. 


Anonymous said...

A bit off topic but his work as a baker's roundsman brought a memory back to me.

I left the Army half a century ago. What to do ? Then I spotted that the Employment Exchange had a grand officer called "Occupational Guidance Officer"

I went along and ticked the boxes.

Questions like "Would you prefer to be popular or to be respected". There being no option to tick for both.

The idea, at the end of this leading edge analysis, was that he would suggest just the career option for his client to take.

"Baker's roundsman", he pronounced, "Good work to get you fit and then join the police"

I worked as a land drainage labourer and then joined police. At my first posting I met a young Pc and asked what he had done for a living before police.

"I was a baker's roundsman", he said.

So I said "That is what the Occupational Guidance Officer told me to do ! What a coincidence"

He replied "A coincidence susceptible to an explanation. The Occupational Guidance Officer is my dad".

Anonymous said...

I see littering of Margate Town Centre with ribbons is about to start......