Wednesday 19 November 2014

White British and the TDC form and possible ramble

Just sat down to do my civic duty and respond to the Ramsgate Neighbourhood Plan Area consultation, see when I noticed a bit saying update your user profile, after several attempts at setting the dropdown on White British and getting the error code I had to give up and in terms of TDC I am now “other ethnic group”

Sorry about the absence of blog posts at the moment I am still very busy at the moment and understandably being cautious after the TDC solicitors letters.

The wretched Manston saga rumbles on, I have to say that while having been supportive of a regional airport at Manston, not a freight hub I saw the Discovery parks purchase as a game changer and now find the politician closest to my own position to be Paul Carter. 

Here is the Dreamland rollercoaster timelapse video, sorry scenic railway 

I may ramble on if I get more time

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Anonymous said...

I think the only way that Riveroak are going to prove suitable for a CPO is if they show any guarantee that they have business lined up if they take over and prove they can make it profitable.

Where are their clients and why aren't they backing up Riveroak's proposals?

At the moment is their speculation vs the current owners speculation, and that isn't enough to force one to sell it to the other....