Friday 7 November 2014

Friday ramble from the bookshop in Ramsgate.

As I have been saying I am still very busy with my bookshop at the moment, this partly due to the shop being much busier than it was this time last year and therefore much busier than I expected and partly due to having to make considerable changes because of changing trends in shopping and the sale of text and pictures.

Basically the key here is to forget the medium, in my case paper books and concentrate on what is available inside them, text and pictures. So taking what I see as my competition which is mostly the internet, either providing the information directly of selling paper and e-books, all I have to do, is to better and cheaper than the competition in areas where there is strong demand.

My main focus at the moment is on expanding the area relating to the history of what ordinary people did, combined with books about how to do these things, nearest I can get is a sort combination of social history and craft.

I have just taken some pictures of the work in progress which should appear between paragraphs and should expand when clicked on.

On the news front I guess TDC plans to close Pierremont Hall and giving the town council and the folk week organisers their marching orders interested me. With TDC it is looking increasingly as though if it isn’t in the Thanet North parliamentary constituency then they don’t want to know.

This brings me on to the other news item that interested me, see it seems Laura
Sandys replacement has spotted a local vote winner, I would guess if one of his main issues is abolishing TDC he may well get elected.

On the blogging front, apologies for not being very quick allowing comments and only responding to them in the evening, the difficulty is getting the time.

Flat Eric is promoting a book on the history of screwdrivers and screws this evening.    

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Anonymous said...

LauraSamdy's replacement is at odds with the governments view on unitary councils. One of the first things the coalition did when they came into office was to scrap a number of planned unitary councils that were in the pipeline.
Plans included councils in Devon, Norfolk and Suffolk and at the time Minister pickles said the chnge would waste £40 millions of tax payers money.

I wonder if Laura Sandys replacement has done a costing exercise?