Thursday 20 November 2014

Pictures of St John’s Church in Margate a guest post about it from a Margate blogger who missed the boat by 300 years and some books for my bookshop from Margate.

St John The Baptist Margate the original church dates from about 1050 extensively enlarged between 1100 and 1250 when it was gutted by fire and rebuilt on some of the original pillars and the tower added, extensive restoration in 1875 which included the building of the spire.

Anyway here are the photos which should expand when clicked on

Brass to Richard Notfelde 1446

And here the text about the church from John Lewis (vicar there in the first part of the 1700s)

You can by his whole book from me, a modern cheap reprint available online here this is the far better second edition, better because it was expanded to about double the size. Last time I looked the inferior first edition (about half the book) was available on google books for nothing. You can also come into the bookshop and either buy or browse the reprint or buy an original, a sound copy of the second edition in a full leather binding will cost around the £800 mark.   

A few pictures from the vicinity of the church

The books I bought in Margate today.

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