Thursday 20 November 2014

One local paper scores zero for accuracy when using the food standards agency website.

After getting a solicitors letter threatening me with imprisonment after linking to an Isle of Thanet Gazette article I am a bit wary about linking to another one, but here we go.

So here is the link to the article which I read with some degree of incredulity.

Here is the quote from the article that seemed more than unlikely “59 venues received a rating of 0ne. Surprise entries include The Sands Hotel in Margate and Tesco’s Harris and Hoole CafĂ©.”

Anyway as you probably guessed the information is just wrong.

Here is an accurate list of the businesses getting a rating of one

On the bright side 872 Thanet businesses scored the highest rating, although not Sands Hotel which surprisingly was in second place  


God help us said...

Gazette has apologised and edited the article as of noon today. I can see plenty of letters winging there way to Gazette Towers as we speak

James Maskell said...

Has the Council said anything about what it plans to do about these scores? The inspections appear to have been quite a long time ago, with one zero score having been inspected in January.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Thanet Gazette. Looking forward immensely to the insights of their old boy the self appointed Trollfinder General of Thanet Blogosphere.

The injunctions, notices and interviews under caution do not seem to have been consistent with his own opinions at all? What is authority coming to ?