Saturday 8 November 2014

New St Peters Broadstairs book published: St Peters and the Forgotten Ranelagh Pleasure Gardens, and a ramble from the bookshop.

With Christmas coming I am trying to get the various new local books I have in the pipeline published in reasonable time for people who want to buy them as Christmas gifts.

In the last ten days I have published one on Broadstairs shipbuilding, two large format Ramsgate Tunnels maps and this new one about, : St Peters and the Forgotten Ranelagh Pleasure Gardens, should be out on Monday.

I will do a post reviewing the new book in the next few days once I have had time to read it. In the meantime here is the link to the buy it now thingy if you can’t wait 

I have also bought an industrial guillotine so I can get a more professional presentation, so this new one should have a printed spine and cut edges.

Having a printed spine is much easier on the bookshelf as you can see form the picture, this was taken in my study and not the shop so the books in the photo are not for sale and I don’t know which of these titles we have for sale in the shop.

Whether I will get around to reformatting the other 155 other titles so they can be guillotined I don’t know.

On the local news front one of the broken down planes is being broken up for scrap metal on the Manston Airport site.

Sir Roger Gale is to open the new Poundstretcher in Margate.

So frankly not really anything unexpected in the news.

Flat Eric has got a bit obsessed about screwing and has been looking around the bookshop for tool books, he has managed to find one where they don’t call a screwdriver a screwdriver, I haven’t even dared to consider what they would call a spade.         


Anonymous said...

Did you miss this one in Fridays Gazette?
plan for a new coach terminal at Port Ramsgate.

Or is it an attempt to get a cheap lease from TDC?

Michael Child said...

Strange one this anon, they did pretty much the same story about a year ago, I thin they may have reprinted it by mistake.